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What is The Odyssey Business Advisory (TOBA)?

TOBA consists of five elements that assist business owners in creating personal and business financial success: financial planning, business tax planning, business legal planning, business process efficiency, and professional benefits planning.

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Business Owners Can't See the
Forest for the Trees

Managing a business is a full time, exhausting job for many business owners. They are generally busy working on the day to day operations of the business and lack the ability to see where they need to focus to maximize their business potential. Financial success often comes from hiring an outside expert to analyze the business and point out and implement improvements that can be made.

For Business Owners, Holistic Viewpoint
Usually Means Success

Business and personal finances are often not viewed in a holistic manner. When business assets and liabilities, business plans, and personal goals for the future are considered in a holistic plan, the business owner has the opportunity to create a successful organization that can serve the needs of several generations.

Diversification is Important for Entrepreneurs

We all know not to put our personal nest egg in one investment basket; however the same applies to business owners and their business profits. Oftentimes, business earnings are reinvested back into the business in the form of expansion to new markets, investment in new machinery, and hiring personnel. It's crucial for the business owner to consider diversification and how all assets of the business work together to support business longevity. Decreasing risk through the use of investment choices, tax planning, asset protection, and resource allocation helps the business owner build financial strength.

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