Our Ideal Clients

At TOBA we realize that each of our clients is unique with distinctive concerns. We appreciate our clients and seek only the best matched individuals and families for our services. As a result we are able to develop a deeper relationship with our clients providing them with exceptional service.

We work with very special clients

We have a boutique service model where we address your unique needs and concerns. Because of this we seek to work only with clients who fall into certain psychological and demographic characteristics.

Our ideal clients are:

• Small to mid-sized business owners
• Affluent singles, married couples, family owned businesses
• Age range from 40-60
• Gross business revenue from $500,000 to $25 Million
• Personal income from $150,000 to $1 Million annually

   We are able to work with clients who fall outside this range in certain circumstances.

Our ideal clients:

• Need help with business and financial decisions and need advisors they can trust
• Are ambitious with a solid financial background
• Want to grow their business intelligently in order to support their personal lifestyle
• Want to achieve lifetime goals in wealth, health, and lifestyle
• Want effective process management solutions
• Want to take control of their future financial success
• Want efficient and effective legal services at the lowest possible cost, with an emphasis on planning and problem solving
• Wear many hats in their firms and seek simplification
• Are concerned with Business Succession planning
• Want comprehensive financial and business planning advice
• Rely on us to guide them in creating a successful financial future
• Trust that we will communicate important issues affecting their wealth
• No longer have to worry about what's going on in the financial markets
• Trust that we have selected appropriate financial and business strategies
• Enthusiastically refer clients to us

Important issues in their lives:

• Family, friends, and leaving a legacy
• Devoting time to vacations with loved ones and family
• Ability to continue their current active lifestyle
• Want to integrate business growth with personal goals
• Want a meaningful, productive life

Our clients like working with us because:

• We are accessible
• We are responsive
• We take a comprehensive approach and cover clients' entire financial picture
• We are the experts our clients can trust and call on for many issues that affect their business and personal life
• We take a long term view of planning and investing

Some of our clients work in these professions:

E-commerce, printing, consulting, pharmaceutical, engineering, manufacturing and distribution, specialty retail, and dental practices.

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