Case Study

The sample case study below is an example of how a sample client travels through the TOBA experience and the results that may occur. We offer complete confidentiality to our clients and therefore protect their information and privacy.

During the initial meeting with the Client Relationship Manager, two to five areas of your personal and financial life may be addressed.

The Initial Contact

The first meeting is an in-person discovery process and helps us understand who you are and where you are coming from. We seek to discover your current status. You most likely own a business with sometimes complicated issues. Your business may be in the start up phase, it may be growing, or it may be mature.

Investments and Assets

We discuss your investments and assets (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, real estate holdings – residential and commercial) During this exercise we do not pass judgment. We are only establishing your current situation.

Legal Issues

We may ask you to share with us your current legal issues, whether pending or already past. Are there any pending law suits? Are there resolved issues that we need to know about? We are seeking to understand any risks you may have.

Business Finances

We may ask you to share issues regarding your business operations. We will discuss your business Financial Statements, including your Balance Sheet, and your Profit and Loss Statement. We will try to assess if you understand your current business financial situation. Since one of the biggest challenges small business owners face is a lack of full and total understanding of cash flow and profit, we want to get a sense for your unique situation. We try to assess whether you are truly profitable or if you could be financing your receivables or having to borrow to finance operations. In other words, on paper your company may show a terrific sales level, and you may think you are in good shape, but it is possible that there are issues that have either been overlooked or not fully understood.

Tax Situation

We may ask about your current tax situation. What is your marginal tax rate? Based on your total income what taxes did you pay? At this point we are not passing judgment. We are only getting the big picture of where you are now. Are you taking advantage of the right deductions? Your current tax advisor may not have taken into account the big picture that includes your personal and business finances and how interrelated they are. We want to help you grow the business intelligently while reducing taxes.

Business Operations

We may ask you to share your business sales information. We may focus on processes that occur when an order is placed in your business. Many business owners can describe the process but sometimes can't fully see the shortcomings in the process. From this data we will have a good idea of where the organization stands.

Regarding your business operations, we may ask who the players are. What responsibilities do they have? Are there benefits in place? If there is an accident what would happen to your operations?

Your Personal Situation

We may ask you to share your personal family situation regarding relatives and family members so that we can take a snap shot of where you are now. Is your spouse working in the business? How are your personal assets? How is your relationship with your spouse? Are you open to working on the personal challenges you may be facing. Are your parents living and are they living with you? Have long term needs been address? Are your parents in good health? Do they have assets of their own? Do you have siblings who can help? What are the ages of your children? Is your spouse open to getting a job if your business is not in a position to satisfy your financial needs?

Wrap Up

Based on everything we discuss, we will make a professional decision about what comes first and which issues need immediate attention. Your response to the questions may lead us to delve into other issues. The first session will not lead to recommendations but instead to establish a starting point. We seek to narrow down the steps that need to be taken.

At the end of the first meeting the Relationship Manager and the client will have a mutual understanding of the business owner's present situation.

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